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What time is my surgery?

The surgical facility (Madison Memorial Hospital or Madison Memorial Surgical Center) will call you AFTER 5:00 PM, the night before your procedure, to let you know what time you need to arrive for your procedure.


After surgery, when can I remove my bandages?

You can remove your bandages 2 days after surgery. Some people experience an allergic reaction to the surgical tape and dressing. If this happens, you can remove the bandages immediately and wash carefully with warm water and mild soap. Leave the incision open to the air.


What does an allergic skin reaction to the surgical tape look or feel like?

Red irritation around and under the surgical dressing. Some people experience small blisters in this same area. Some patients experience itching.


When can I shower after surgery?

You can shower the day after surgery using warm water and a mild soap. No hot tubs or swimming pools for 2 weeks.


I take a blood thinner, when should I stop taking it before surgery?

You need to discontinue your blood thinner 5 days prior to surgery. You may resume taking it again the day after your surgery.


Can I drive myself home from my procedure?

No, you will have been under general anesthesia and will need someone to take you back home. You should not drive for 24 hours after your procedure. You should also refrain from making life changing decisions for 24 hours.


What should I wear for my procedure?

Wear loose fitting clothing that is easy to get on and will not rub on your incisions.


When can I return to work?

You can expect to return to work 1-2 weeks after your surgery depending on the type of surgery and the type of job you have. Most people return to their desk jobs 1 week after their procedure. If you have a physically demanding job, it may be 2 weeks before you are able to return to full work.


Can I take my daily medications before surgery?

Yes, take them with a small sip of water. Medication for diabetes should NOT be taken the morning of surgery.


What is the difference between an inpatient surgery and an outpatient surgery?

Inpatient surgery requires a longer hospital stay. Usually over 24 hours.


Where do I call to get a refill on prescriptions?

You are welcome to call the office for your prescription refills, if Dr. Hansen was the prescribing doctor. When you call the office, please have the name of your pharmacy and the prescription refill information. You may also call your pharmacy and they can send us a faxed request.


My pain medication is making me nauseated, can I try a different pain prescription?

Yes, there are several different types of pain medication. If the medication you have been prescribed is making you nauseated; please call the office and request a different pain medication, or substitute an over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen.


Do I need to pre-register at the hospital or surgery center prior to my surgery?

Yes, please plan to pre-register within 1-7 days prior to your surgery. This allows the hospital time to get everything prepared in advance for your hospital stay. Your labs are only valid within 7 days for surgery purposes.